Aquatic Paradise Sdn Bhd was founded by Mr Patrick Lim and son Mr Ken Lim since August 2009. Mr Patrick Lim is a Koi enthusiast with more than 30 years of experience in raising Japanese Koi while Mr Ken Lim has been following his father’s footsteps since young. With their passion in this Japanese Koi hobby, Aquatic Paradise Sdn Bhd was born.


Specializing in Koi Pond Filtration design and construction, Aquatic Paradise Sdn Bhd is well known for their high quality Koi Pond. Being involved in water treatment project and was previously in the construction industry for many years is a big advantage to Mr. Patrick as these two fields are highly related to high quality Koi Pond construction. His expertise in constructing state of the art quality koi pond and filtration system with crystal clear water has gain acknowledgement from his customers.


At Aquatic Paradise, R&D is very important. Today, Koi Pond Filtration System Designed by Aquatic Paradise can go as small as 5% of Total Koi Pond Volume instead of Conventional 30% of Total Koi Pond Volume and the maintenance (Cleaning) of the filtration can be as quick as 15mins.


To date, Aquatic Paradise has attended to and solved the problems of hundreds of koi ponds in Malaysia and even overseas with proven track records without failure.