Artificial Rock Sculpting

Artificial Rock Art

Our Highly Skilled Workers Artistically Carves Each Artwork

Natural rocks and stones can be remarkable element in landscaping. But getting the right rock exactly where you want it to be and the exact right texture, color and shape is not easy. The costing to have all natural rocks is too high due to the expenses required to haul large boulders weighing tons and the works involved to arrange them into waterfalls, streams and etc is just too much.

Afraid not, as we have to solution to help you replicate the exact look and feel of natural rocks, boulders, waterfalls and etc. We provide artistic artificial sculpting services which is professionally done by experienced rock sculpting artist. Each and every art work is carefully planned, shaped on site and stacked into real rock formations. Then the rocks are painted to natural colors of your liking. This eliminates the inconvenience and cost of importing, hauling, transporting and planting of natural rocks from where they should belong in the nature to your backyard.

Advantages of artificial rocks sculpting are:

  • Design flexibility
  • Ease and speed of installation
  • Durability
  • The ability to conceal unsightly plumbing and other utilities

Rock sculpting can also be applied to:

  • Waterfalls
  • Pools
  • Fish Ponds
  • Spa
  • Retaining walls and fences
  • Animal habitats/enclosure
  • Golf course
  • Parks
  • Shrubs/Trees planter box
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