Difference Between a Koi Pond and Water Feature Pond

Difference between a Koi Pond and Water Feature Pond

In today’s modern homes, a Koi Pond or a Water Feature Pond has become very common and it can be found in most of the modern homes. Since it is now so common, people easily get confused with the differences between a Koi Pond and a Water Feature Pond.

To clear the confusion, let’s start on the term ‘Pond’. A ‘Pond’ is a decent sized hole dug into the earth and then layered by certain materials to hold up a pool of water. This pool of water is called a ‘Pond’.

When a ‘Pond’ is added with modern water feature structures or elements such as waterfalls, water curtains, musical fountains, water jet display, trickle of water through a feature wall/glass and etc it is called a Water Feature Pond. Most ‘Water Feature Pond’ is algae free and looks clean all the time as chemicals can be poured into the pond because there are no living organisms in the pond to be taken into consideration. A ‘Water Feature Pond’ can also have water splashing into the pond from any directions or any quantity of water piping outlets as long as the pump is strong enough and the sump is large enough to support the amount of water floating in the air before hitting back into the pond.

Therefore in ‘Water Feature Pond’, the only water parameter that is taken into account in designing and constructing the pond is water clarity. This is because the main intention of a Water Feature Pond is to display water movement, water trickles, water drops etc.

A ‘Koi Pond’ is a totally different ‘Pond’ from a ‘Water Feature Pond’. A ‘Koi Pond’ is NOT merely a ‘Water Feature Pond’ added with ‘Koi’. The reason is because a ‘Koi Pond’ falls in a specialist area where many water parameters are taken into consideration in its design and construction. Such water parameters are crucial for the well being of the ‘Kois’ living in the pond as I had explained in the other articles.

The main intention of a ‘Koi Pond’ is to display the amazing living jewels (Koi) by their proud owners who spend a great deal of time, money and energy growing their precious Koi in the most optimum conditions to achieve the highest quality possible.

A ‘Koi Pond’ filtration system is carefully designed and constructed to allow these beautiful Kois to grow in healthy water parameters as they are prone to sickness, colour degradation, loss of appetite and etc, if not kept in a proper ‘Koi Pond’. The shape of a Koi Pond is designed properly taking into consideration the growth of a Koi which can reach up to 1metre long. Objects for decorations or water features can be implemented in a ‘Koi Pond’ but with proper considerations as it can obstruct proper water flow in the pond and may cause physical injuries to the Koi.

Therefore the filtration system and overall design of a ‘Water Feature Pond’ and a ‘Koi Pond’ differ greatly as the function of the pond is totally different. Although at times, you may see that many water features in incorporated in a ‘Koi Pond’, a specialist built ‘Koi Pond’ with ‘Water Features’ already had all the criteria taken into consideration before placing those ‘Water Features’.

What if you already have a pond built as a ‘Water Feature Pond’ and you want to rear Koi?

Don’t worry as it is possible to convert a ‘Water Feature Pond’ to a ‘Koi Pond’ through filtration system rectifications as well as relocation of certain parts of the pond such as water piping locations, objects in the pond and etc. The only downside of converting a ‘Water Feature Pond’ to a ‘Koi Pond’ is the extra cost due to rectification works and filtration media replacements, which is only a one time investment where most owners never regrets because they soon get bored with ‘Water Feature’ only and wants to add Koi to their pond to make it more lively.

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