Pond Cleaning Made Easy – 4 Steps

We often hear about how difficult it is to clean the filtration system of a Pond and the number of hours needed to carry out the cleaning. Due to the majority of ponds are built with large filtration system (about 30% of pond size), many pond owners had to spend hours just to clean their filtration system.

After cleaning, another problem arises which is refilling the pond with water. Filling water to a pond may take several hours to a few days depending on the pond size and also the water pressure from the water source. Most owners have no choice but to wait for water to fill up, thus they again waste their time waiting for the water to fill up and could not leave the house.

Here at Aquatic Paradise Sdn Bhd,

We constantly thrive to improve our filtration system to provide solutions to your pond’s problem. We ensure that having a pond is a paradise instead of a nightmare!!

Introducing our latest filtration system:

4 Steps Filtration System

This filtration system works perfectly well in maintaining optimum water quality for any Pond below 100,000 Liter of water volume.

This filtration system does not use up any of your previous land. It is built into your water feature.

Cleaning is less than 3 minutes.

4 Steps:

1. Switch off the pump.

2. Turn on the discharge valve. Wait for 60 seconds.

3. Switch on the pump and wait for 30 seconds.

4. Turn off the discharge valve.

Your filter is now clean and the pond is running as usual. That simple.

To know more, call Mr Patrick Lim at 012 3780 393

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