The Importance of Understanding Water Chemistry

There are countless times where a customer walked in to Aquatic Paradise telling me that their Koi are sick and asking me which type of medicine should be used. Most of the time, when asked about the water chemistry, customer look at me with a blank mind. Some customer will tell me the PH of the water in their pond, but usually that’s all they know about their pond water chemistry.

Many Koi keepers doesn’t notice that the most crucial and important aspect of Koi Keeping starts from keeping a healty and clean water for the Koi. When I mention clean and healthy, I’m not referring to wether the water looks clean to your eyes or not but the level of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate.

So what does water chemistry got to do with the sickness of a Koi? For a simple example, let’s compare to humans. If you are currently in an area with haze and you find it difficult to breathe, you are able to just walk/drive away to somewhere with fresher air. In the other hand, your Koi are kept in a Pond and there is no escape for them if the water if not clean or healthy for them. Because of that, your Koi will be stressed, behaving weird or be infected with disease if kept in poor water condition for some time. Before we diagnose for a sickness, always check the water chemistry first. If the water chemistry is bad for the fish, then adding in medicine will not make much help to the fish as you had not solved the main issue in your pond.

Now we know that water chemistry is important to the health and behaviour of a koi, what should we look into?

As for beginners, I would always advice to read into PH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate as these are the least you can do to keep your Koi Happy. Once you have understand these, you can continue to read about Dissolved Oxygen and Salinity Levels. For more advance Koi Keepers, there are many more areas to explore such as KH, GH, TDS and more. There are tonnes of informations available in the Internet, just Google it. If you are a passionate Koi Keeper, invest some money and buy some books. These investment will help you keep your Koi healthy and in the end, you are the one who benefits the most when you are not suffering lost from the death of your precious Koi.

For those who are looking forward to start keeping Koi as a hobby, I suggest you to starting reading before jumping straight into keeping Koi. Understanding the right water chemistry for Koi will help you save alot of money from unnecessary death of Koi later on.

For those who are already keeping Koi but had not started reading, it is not too late to start reading to provide your Koi a better living environment.

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