Why Choose Us?

Searching for the right specialist to build a Koi Pond can be a real headache when all the pond builder says the same thing, ” We had built many ponds and all are crystal clear”.

So, which one do you pick? Will it be the right choice?

Most likely, the answer will be “You had chosen a wrong pond builder and pond problems will arise in the very near future”.

Well, we may sound harsh but please forgive us as we had seen and modified too many Koi pond done by these pond builders who self-claim they are able to build Koi Pond while they had never before rear any KOI in their life. Then, serious owners will have to look for other builders to rectify their pond again and again which in the long run cost a lot of effort and money while also causing a lot of trouble.

So why are we different?

How often do you find a Koi Dealer who specializes in Japanese Koi which had won numerous awards from local and international Koi Competitions which also builds Koi Pond?

Being a Japanese Koi Dealer, our team at Aquatic Paradise are experience enough to provide quarantine services, medication, minor surgery and injections. Not only that, Mr Patrick (Founder of Aquatic Paradise) was a retired Class A Contractor with more than 30 years of experienced in construction line.

Every single pond built by Aquatic Paradise is monitored by Mr Patrick and is built by the same team of staffs who handles High Quality Japanese Koi on a daily basis. That is why we are different from other pond builders who are not experienced in Koi or Koi Dealers who assign sub contractors to do the pond construction.

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